Monstrosity Championship Wrestling

Humans and monsters finally take it to the ring

If you enjoy elbow drops, independent cinema, or the devil, then you need to hit the afterparty for the Atlanta Film Festival’s one-night-only screening of wrestling documentary The Booker, at which you’ll find no-holds-barred matchups between ATL’s Platinum Championship Wrestling members and costumed monsters, who can’t wait to mash the crap out of each other.

Inside the ring there’ll be clotheslines, suplexes, and turnbuckle leaps as the battle rages between mysterious PCW wrestlers such as masked luchador Supernatural, the “crazed” Phantom, and “slasher movie-esque” battle-monsters done up by “Professor Morte” (Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse makeup maestro Shane Morton), including Satan, Frankenstein, and The Wolfman, who is known to be quite the Blitzer when attacking.

All hosted by The Sexual Side Effects’ unafraid-to-wear-sequined-draws-on-stage Amber Taylor, there’ll also be a wrestling-themed photobooth provided by Chambers of Horror, plus live bands including local rockers Needeep, and punk shredding by Lego-headed maniacs Death is a Dialogue, so clearly they’ve never sat through the Vagina Monologues.

AFF attendees save $5 on the party, so be sure to see The Booker doc beforehand, and be guided through four years in the life of wrasslin’ hustler Steve Scarborough, who started with a four-student school in the back of a theater, expanded to 2500-seat arenas, and still intends to save pro wrestling from itself “one match at a time” — not to be confused with “one Mash at a time”, or how Bobby “Boris” Pickett has been living his life since that song came out in ’62.

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