Attention System are headlining on Friday, May 20th

Attention System are headlining the Drunken Unicorn on Friday, May 20th, 2011

“Creating pulsing, danceable rock that remains smart and sharply aggressive is no easy task. It takes only a slight nudge to teeter over into self-indulgent parody or to cover any sense of substantive heft in a sheen of overly-stylized plasticity (see The Killers). Fortunately, Atlanta’s Attention System keep one foot firmly in their punk and rock roots, adding generous slabs of dissonance and distortion to their kinetic darkwave and synth pop.” – Latest Disgrace

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Satellite District are performing second.

We use echoing, delays, buzz-saw guitars, Groovy bass lines, analogue synth-lines and dance rhythms to create sonic pictures that we hope can have a positive influence in your life.

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The Sexual Side Effects are the opener.

One of Atlanta’s most talked-about bands, The Sexual Side Effects are an eclectic and electric alternative rock group drawing from the influences of post-punk and 70′s glam rock. Their songs resonate with rich chords, hypnotic vocal melodies, catchy hooks, and ethereal guitars. The group has played throughout the southeast and has developed a loyal and viral fan base who attend their shows in throngs.

Fronting the band is accomplished multi-instrumentalist Amber Taylor, who shot to regional fame headlining Atlanta’s infamous glam/punk rock Glitterdome and the band Cobweb Strange. “Spikey” Mike Sidner (former bassist, Liquid Image) complements this highly charged, heart- and pulse-throbbing band. Clay McClure (drummer, Flat Cat) completes the act on battery.

SSE are currently working with producer John Briglevich (Drivin’ N Cryin’, Edwin McCain, Red Letter Agent) of Sonica Recording on their debut EP, and will soon be finalizing dates for an upcoming tour.

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$7, 21+
Doors @ 9 pm