[Band] The Sexual Side Effects

There are three things that every band must have in my opinion to be successful: Music, Magic and Mojo. The music is either there or it isn’t. They have to have at least one song, preferably more that stick in your head. For me, the litmus test for this is, “Do I want to pay money to own this song or not?” For I am a cheap bastard and do not own much a music collection. Magic is something that sets the band apart from other bands. There is something between the members of the band that makes them greater than the sum of their parts, and there is an interaction between the band and the audience that makes the live concert experience a living thing. Mojo is an image, that something that you can fit on a cereal box or in a 15 second sound bite on MTV or whatever randomly stupid entertainment reality TV show, but something about the band that is different and also memorable that makes them stand out.The Sexual Side Effects have all three in spades.I have only heard them once, and I want to own the CD. I don’t do that that often. In the last year I’ve only bought three. And they had three of the songs that I really enjoyed. “Dancing to the Radio.” And…I don’t remember what the other two are. The truth is that I’m not exactly an expert on music, I just know what I like and I liked what I heard.Magic was the only way to describe the interaction between the band members and also the band and the audience. Everyone enjoyed the music. There was electricity in the air and it worked. Its just something you have to be there to feel.Mojo is…complicated, but I think the Sexual Side Effects have it. They each dress as a different icon of the 1970’s or 1980’s, which is also reflected in their music. There is something about their poster/image thingy that seems to work as well. And they are the ‘it’ band right now. I’m not exactly someone who has their thumb on the pulse of the Atlanta scene, but I know history and I know how to ‘feel’ society or a group very well, and you can see the band’s trajectory going up, both in the gigs they’re booking and their general attitude.I think one reason the band has only recently begun to ascend, despite being around for about five years, is becaause Amber Taylor, the lead singer for the band has only recently completed a journey of her own, but it shows in everything she does. She practically drips sex appeal, and it echoes off the stage in waves. I am eagerly awaiting the purchase of the band’s CD in December and seeing their next show on Oct 1.

Watch them. They’re going places.