AFTER TASTE OF THE ARTS- oh yes folks we’re not finished yet!!! The Hummingbird has a circus. No that isn’t sarcasm in fact they really are having a circus.

From the press release:

This summer, Atlanta‐based rock band The Sexual Side Effects will bring their unique sound – which combines elements of 80’s post‐punk and new wave, modern pop, and indie – to venues all over the southeast. 

Led by main songwriter Amber Taylor, a dynamic presence whose experiences as a transgendered person color the lyrical narrative, the group—also including Rob Hulsman (drums), Mike Sidner (bass), and Will Thigpen (guitar)—are on a mission to touch hearts and minds with Taylor’s message, while captivating eardrums with the band’s innovative sound.

Showcasing the characteristic dynamism of their live shows, the tour will have many eccentricities. In Macon, Georgia, their show will be themed like a Rock n Roll Carnival, complete with burlesque and circus performers.

Frankly, I can’t think of anything more fitting after a Roaring 20′s party. I spoke with Kristen Thompson O’Neal from The Hummingbird about the event and she told me they are literally taking down parts of The Bird in order to install the equipment needed for this show. It’s going to be absolutely crazy- in a very, very good way.

So. Poetry. Party. And party some more.

And now bed- I gotta get up early tomorrow for a photo shoot. Later gator peeps.

Love to all yall,