The concert was held at Will’s Pub in Orlando, Florida  on December 5, 2012 and put on by Jabberbox productions.

The opener of the night was Geri X, a band from St. Petersburg, Florida. Geri is a vocalist that plays alone with a guitar and with various pieces of her band on occasion. Tonight she had the full band on display to give the audience the full Geri X treatment.

The first thing that will hit you when you hear this band is Geri’s unique vocals. She is an artist that commands a room. It’s hard not to stop dead in your tracks when you hear her vocal delivery. She is a vocalist  that I have touted as one of the best singer / songwriters in the world several times over this year, and nothing about  this performance has changed that opinion. One of the most original and talented artists I have had the pleasure of seeing live.

The band complemented her well and getting to hear the songs performed with the full cast really brought them to life.

The second act of the night was Music’s Milka Ramos. Being a veteran of the Orlando music scene, Milka looked very much at home performing on stage. Her ability on guitar was only second to her great stage presence. This is an artist that looks like she belongs on stage.

Milka poured her heart out into vocals and guitar while the band delivered bluesy rock melodies for the duration of the set. A great performance by a band that seems to enjoy what they do. It shows in the way they carry themselves on stage. The band drew a huge crowd for their set and was obviously a fan favorite around town.

The final act of the night was The Sexual Side Effects. The band hails from Atlanta, Georgia and has been turning heads in their local scene. Putting forth great energy and an amazing display of  instrumentals, the band quickly won over the crowd. With a sound that was a cross between Placebo and R.E.M., the band put on a good show that had lots of people leaving with cds in hand.

The band has an EP available for purchase right from their Facebook page. You can click here to give it a listen and purchase.